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Driver's Education is required by the state of Iowa for a minor to get a driver's license before turning the age of 18.


The state mandates that ​a certified driver's education instructor must instruct for 30 hours in the classroom and 6 hours in the vehicle for a minor to be eligible to receive a minor school license as early as 14.5 years or an intermediate license as early as 16 years.


For a complete list of the requirements, please visit:

Family Owned Business

As a small-town, family owned business, we care about our community and want to make sure the families in our community grow to be responsible, well educated drivers.


Flexible Scheduling

We offer our course several times throughout the year. You may pick whichever session's dates work best for your child’s schedule.


We will accommodate the driving schedule the best we can to fit with your child’s schedule. The information will need to be given to us on the first day of class. Please print off the calendar under the Students' Section and mark off the days that will not work for your child to drive. We will begin the process of scheduling right after the first day of class and have the schedule available online within 3-5 days.  


​In-Class Education

The classroom instruction is done by a teacher who has been in education for over 35 years.


Hands-on Driving

At McNeill's Driving School, we offer hands-on driving in a real car in the same community that your child will be driving once he/she receives his/her license.



​We have 2 different speakers come to each session:

  • Tom from Operation LifeSaver

  • Jim from ABATE


Thank you so much to both of you. The Tipton area is so fortunate that you offer this program! Our daughter enjoyed all of the classes with Stephanie and she enjoyed all of the drives with Tim. She really learned a lot from the various stories that the both of you shared. As a parent I really appreciate how comfortable both of you made her feel with you. That is a gift.


I also appreciate what a well run program you offer. It’s organized and reliable from the signing up process through the entire program along with providing great communication. I especially appreciated the flexibility you give to the families for driving times to make it as convenient as possible. 

Jill H., Tipton

You have a great program and staff! Thank you for teaching my daughter! We will be back with our two other children!

Jennie J., Clarence

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